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Taras Syrotiuk

What is the core value of the company or how manual systems of cargo handling help to increase motivation?

  Over the past 4 years, more than 200 new manufacturing enterprises were built and opened in Ukraine. Every day there are new announcements about the opening of new plants and companies. Despite all the difficulties, companies are investing in production and trying to expand product markets in the international arena. More and more new production facilities are being built in small towns what provides to the local population new jobs with a development perspective. After large investments in equipment and with regard to the need to start the production process, every company owner faces a major problem - the search for human resources, because without them, no equipment will work. Therefore, to the question: “What is the company's core value?”, most business owners answer with confidence - “PEOPLE” smile.

  Every day in our country the demand for high-quality human resources is becoming more acute, because large European states have entered the battle for Ukrainians, offering our employees more attractive and comfortable working conditions. Another important component is how effectively and with what mood employees of the company perform their work, because the result directly depends on them!

  Today both new productions and already existing ones have many processes associated with the manual work of people. For example, very often such work requires the transferring of heavy loads or large-sized goods. Of course, if this is one-time action, then this is not a problem, however, if a person has to reload several tens or hundreds of bags weighing 50 kg during the day, or at least several people need to be involved in the process of moving the glasses, then there are problems with motivation to perform this work and with maintaining the necessary efficiency during working hours! Another issue encountered when handling heavy loads manually is to prevent injuries!

  Exactly for such tasks, our partner - the world leader in the field of vacuum technologies, the German company Schmalz has a number of special solutions for the easy handling of heavy loads and large-sized goods. Such systems are called VacuMaster and Jumbo. They can be used for various types of boxes, bags, barrels, sheets of metal, wooden blanks, glass, etc. Such systems have a design that is easy to use and allows you to most conveniently perform the function of moving, without human effort. System control is as intuitive as possible and provides fast and accurate handling. Systems can move loads from a few kilograms to several tons.

  The use of such systems has several advantages that the company receives:
1. Reducing the number of injuries in production due to easier processing of parts → reduction of personnel costs.
2. Fast and safe transportation of parts reduces cycle time and increases productivity, resulting in lower production costs and increased competitiveness.
3. Reducing the level of damage to products, as a result - an increase in company profits.
4. A rational process allows to use fewer people to perform tasks and also reduces production costs.
5. Using of these systems significantly increases employee’s motivation and productivity!

  So, do we have to fight for increasing the motivation of our staff and improving their working conditions? Or rather to wait a few more years and then realize that there is no one working in Ukraine anymore? It is possible to wait for a solution and probably to get some result eventually, which would have to be handled; or to act and increase our competitiveness in the fight for the best values!

  Someone may ask: “So what connection there are between handling systems and employees’ motivation”, and he would be right, but if you have a colleague who’s stacking carton boxes of 10 kg during 8-hour shift and this colleague doesn’t feel tired, well, then a few more rates to his mood would be definitely added.

  Of course, it is impossible to solve all the problems with our systems smile, but in many industries we surely can help!