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Nuova Crumiere

Nuova Crumiere

The Nuova Crumiere cooperative inherited 100 years of experience in the felt production for paper factories. A new stage for the company began in the mid-90s of the XX century with the development of new technologies and now the accumulated professionalism is used for the production of fabrics and felt at a new technological level. Each Nuova Crumiere product is custom designed and manufactured to provide the required performance, optimize the customer's production and increase the service life. Nuova Crumiere biscuit belts have a leading position in the European market. The company pays special attention to the development of two new sectors: eco-fabrics and fabrics from high-tech fibers, which will be especially in demand in the near future. Nuova Crumiere manufactures a wide range of felt and technological fabrics from a variety of materials (cotton, polyester, felt, Pes, Kevlar, Nomex) for a variety of industries.

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