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Main Brands Taconic


The Taconic company was founded in the USA in 1961. PTFE-coated (Teflon) belts and meshes produced by Taconic are No. 1 in the world. Today Taconic has its facilities in the USA, Ireland, and South Korea. The company’s focus is on quality, service, and innovation. The product range provides various coated materials, including self-adhesive belts, specific conveyor belts, and Taconic silicone-coated fabrics. The products are lightweight, durable, and non-stick; and the dielectric and thermal characteristics of chemically resistant coated materials produced by Taconic would be the best choice for food, packaging, and textile productions, as well as for use in the chemical industry, screen printing, oil and aerospace industries, and architecture. All Taconic products meet the highest performance standards.

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