On the 6-7th of August 2011 the company “Beltimport” celebrated its 15th anniversary! All of our employees from different cities with their halves came together and spent two days in a luxury hotel-cottage complex, located not far from Kiev, surrounded by ancient trees and wonderful nature. The finalist of the first competition of “Ukraine has a talent” - the king of bubbles Sergey Kushpil and favorite of contest “Voice of Country” - a great singer with a unique tone of voice Tonya Matvienko, as well as some other artists, came to congratulate us. Our holiday was conducted by residents of Comedy Club from duo “Good Evening” Andrey Burym-Burym and Sergey Los Stakhov. It was very big fun and splendid! Funny contests, sparkling humor, the opportunity to talk and be photographed with stars made our holiday a memorable one.

We continue to receive congratulations and good wishes from many of our partners - thank you all for your kind words! We promise not to stop on the obtained. We have what to strive for and what to improve. And, having gotten together, we once again felt that we are the team. A great team!

And thanks to everyone who shares our joy at the fifteenth anniversary of “Beltimport”!