PVC conveyor belts are widely used in many industries. Along with the low cost, they are able to work under heavy loads, have high resistance to fats and acids, some of them have tolerances for contact with food products.

High-quality PVC conveyor belts allow:

  • efficiently move large volumes of cargo,
  • reduce the time and cost of work,
  • ensure high-quality storage and transportation of goods.

The diversity of the use of PVC conveyor belt in various fields of activity allows us to understand its importance among conveyor components. They can be used in various industries, namely in the automotive industry, in the production of plastic products, in the food and pharmaceutical industry, in the production of paper and printing products, as well as in agriculture.

The PVC conveyor belt has the following design:

  • the bearing (upper) side - provides good grafting with the surface of the transported product, as well as physical (including heat resistance), chemical and mechanical properties of the tape;
  • power layer - determines the suitability of the tape for a specific application in terms of load capacity, electrostatics, the ability to work with a knife edge;
  • drive (lower) side - affects damping, noise characteristics, as well as the choice of a sliding or roller support part of the conveyor.

Depending on the type of conveyor, belts for horizontal movement, for inclined conveyors and curved conveyor belts are distinguished.

For moving small objects and lifting artificial loads at a large angle, as well as bulk loads, the PVC conveyor belt can have a textured working surface, be equipped with profiles and corrugated edges.

The choice of the tape connection method in each individual case depends on the prevailing operating conditions. In addition to the reliability of the connection, the decisive criterion for the choice is its elasticity and strength. PVC conveyor belts can be joined by hot or cold pressing, mechanical locking (wire staples, metal hinged connectors, plastic connectors

Innovations in the production of PVC conveyor belt

In order to increase the productivity of conveyors and reduce the time for repair work, manufacturers of PVC tapes are trying to constantly improve their products. The latest developments include the use of new materials and manufacturing technologies, which increases the stability and durability of PVC tapes.

One of the innovations is the use of polyurethane for covering the PVC tape. Such polyurethane tapes have increased wear resistance and are more resistant to tears and stretching. Also, the production of PVC tapes with the use of polyurethane coating allows to reduce the wear on conveyor mechanisms, because this material has excellent adhesion to metal.

Constant technological developments and market requirements lead to the appearance of conveyor belts with special characteristics: with a low coefficient of friction of the friction layer, belts made of bio-degradable materials, heat-resistant belts, etc.

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