Anuga FoodTec is one of the world's leading exhibitions dedicated to technology and machinery engineering innovations for the food industry. The exhibition takes place every three years in Cologne, Germany, and is an essential event for companies involved in the food and beverage production chain. We are incredibly pleased that this year, representatives of Beltimport had the opportunity to visit the exhibition, meet with partners at their stands, learn about their latest developments in conveyor and drive technologies for the food industry, and see firsthand the scale of the event and the current trends in the industry.

  The focus of the 2024 exhibition is on cutting-edge solutions for food production, process automation, improving the quality and safety of food products, resource conservation, and reducing environmental impact. Equipment manufacturers competed for customer’ attention by offering compact design, the highest standards of hygiene, energy efficiency, and productivity of their equipment. However, quality equipment relies on quality components - high-quality plastic modular conveyor belts, polyurethane homogeneous belts, metal mesh belts, stainless steel gearboxes and motors, housed bearings - this is only a part of the assortment presented by Beltimport's partners at their stands. There was great interest in the application of vacuum conveying systems in the food industry, as well as conveyor belt cleaning systems.

  Together with our partners, we not only follow the progressive trends in food machinery engineering, but also create them!