At the beginning of July 2013 was held a meeting between chief executives of “Beltimport” company and well-known producer of couplings R+W in Bavarian city Klingenberg. The production process of couplings and torque limits were shown to us in detail, moreover were presented some novelties from R+W and also both sides discussed the outlook of possible mutual cooperation. At the end of the day, we discovered that “Beltimport” and R+W have a lot in common: aspiration for offering the clients the highest quality and the best service, understanding the problems and tendencies of the market, desire to fully satisfy the clients’ individual needs.

From everything we have seen on the R+W plant, we would like to share the following:

  • All details for couplings and torque limiters are produced only in Europe!!! There are no ‘games’ with shipping spare parts from Asia.
  • The final stage of all couplings and torque limiters assembling is done only manually. We can truly call this process hand-made production. We may associate this with hand-made chocolate… That’s why those are not only couplings… For the same amount of money you receive a real masterpiece, which preserves the warmth of human hands.
  • Each product (without any exceptions) has a final quality check!
  • Highest precision of every R+W product.
  • Most couplings could be easily produced in non-standard sizes with no limitations of quantity!
  • Quickest speed of delivery in the world! Possibility to produce coupling in 24 hours.

In the end, R+W and “Beltimport” reached an agreement in mutual cooperation and there also was sighed acertificate of authorized Beltimport distribution of couplings and torque limiters R+W in Ukraine. We are sure, that Ukrainian market will deservedly appreciate the R+W quality, which is widely known for long in lots of countries throughout the world.

And for you, our dearest partners, “Beltimport” will arrange storekeeping of the most popular types of R+W  couplings in Ukraine. You are welcome to see the R+W catalogs  here.