The respected Italian manufacturer of gearboxes and motors – Motive srl. – has presented utterly innovative product, that doesn’t find alternatives on the market! It is motor-inverter NEO-WiFi intended for perfect electro motor speed control, energy saving and designed for outdoor use. NEO-WiFi is patented, easy to use, with removable control panel, remotable wireless, powered by induction when placed in its housing on the motor or by lithium rechargeable batteries. The purpose of an integrated motor-inverter is to save time and reduce costs. Preliminary calculations show that traditional inverter+wires+rack total cost, without considering the extra labour cost, make a traditional inverter more expensive than NEO-WiFi.

Several electro motors can be controlled with a single inverter (for instance, a NEO-WiFi 3kW can command 2 motors 1,5kW or 4 motors 0,75kW). Also with one keypad you will have possibility to command many NEOs (up to 99).

Manual on connecting, programming and use of NEO-WiFi is available here. Serial production of the motor-inverters NEO-WiFi is planned for beginning of 2013.