Dear partners, dear friends!

  The New Year with round numbers 2020 is around the corner! We don’t know yet what like it will be:  difficult, encouraging, or maybe with record-breaking success. And today although we are still setting budgets, making plans, drawing schedules, but very soon we will decorate the New year trees, chill champagne, cut “Olivier” salad and make wishes.

  It is tempting to wish all of us peace and prosperity in the country, in our families, in our companies. We wish you to appreciate your every happy moment in the New year - maybe you will see the joyful eyes of a child who would receive a gift from a good magician, or maybe a new peak will be conquered by you, maybe you will hear a long-awaited “love!”, or boss will say that now you deserve more. We mainly build our happiness by own: by thoughts, goals, actions. We wish you very-very much good thoughts, clear goals and effective actions! Be happy!!!