Beltimport celebrated its 22nd anniversary in a cozy place on the bank of Dnipro River, enjoying the beauty of nature and clean air. All the employees of all branches came for celebration. Everything necessary for pleasant time was available – friendly staff, funny and star hosts from “Zamok Lyubarta” crew, snacks, pool, humor, competitions and prizes and many surprises.

  A full program of the day started under a sultry sun and lasts until late night. This celebration of Beltimport family would be associated with ingenuity, diving skills, riders, improvisation, and dance battle and even with black (but nice) humor for a long time. Such informal communication gives a chance to see your colleagues from a new point of view, to appraise hidden talents and  enjoy company of each other instead of plans, deadlines and other business process. smile

  By the way, sometimes it takes a moment to look back and evaluate what has been done during these 22 years and understand that it has been done a lot but much more should be done.

  Our Birthday Party was cool and sincere but it is over. And Beltimport is moving forward at full speed to new achievements!