Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Henry Ford

  In today's world, there is nothing more constant than change. The success of each company is determined by how timely it responds to the opportunities and threats of the changing business environment, adapts and fits in customer expectations. But the implementation of these goals depends primarily on people who can not only competently manage sales, finance, production, but also are able to move together to a common goal. Any product can be produced, any technology can be implemented. The only thing that can not be exactly repeated is the people who will ensure the movement of business forward.

  The strength of a team is in each individual member, the strength of each individual member is in the team – the main challenges that are brought by a grand motivational master class, management workshop of Kevin Gaskell, where Beltimport employees participated.

  Kevin Gaskell is a world-class speaker, successful British businessman, millionaire, startup investor and consultant of company executives of various calibre businesses. Kevin is certainly an extraordinary, energetic and charismatic leader, as well as skydiver, conqueror of Elbrus and Mont Blanc, the South and North poles. This is a person with powerful strategic thinking, unique emotional intelligence and sparkling humor that help the audience understand the most difficult things.

  We received an incredible boost of energy and inspiration at the master class. Kevin Gaskell sincerely shared his current ideas and valuable insights, analyzed the details of practical cases of international companies ups and downs, announced his recipes for how to develop and motivate the team, not to be afraid of changing something to be creative and innovative to improve customer service. And the most important – Kevin shared the tools for effective corporate communication, which help to reboot and inspire the team to new extraordinary achievements, to become closer to each other and work in tune.

  We are grateful to the management of our company for the opportunity to attend an outstanding master class from the world-famous speaker. Such events are useful  for each of us individually and for the team as a whole. We could see and feel in a new way what means to be a manager, an inspiring leader for employees.  Not everyone is destined to be like Kevin Gaskell, but to be better than we are now, is possible for everyone.

  Everything in life is achievable! Barriers exist only in our imagination.