On September 26-28 the regular convention of EPTDA - the EMEA Power Transmission Distributors Association was held. This time the meeting took place in London and for the third year in a row Beltimport was the only company that represented our country. These days, as usual, were extremely intense. Beltimport top managers took part in several master classes conducted by world famous coaches - Hamish Taylor, Marco Bertini, Ian Heller, who talked about current business trends, threats and opportunities of the future, the impact of digitalization and global corporations and also offered tools for success and leadership in such rapidly changing conditions.

  We had 22 official meetings with manufacturers and other distributors, during which we either discussed issues of existing cooperation, or considered the possibilities and level of mutual interest for future partnerships. Of course, everything was not limited to official negotiations, because EPTDA is a platform where a successful business can be also born during lunch, dinner or in a bar, as EPTDA includes about 300 leading European companies from 37 countries and everyone now is like a big family - manufacturers and distributors, partners and competitors. All are united by the main thing - they are leaders in their business, ready to continue to learn, share and develop. But the cherry on the cake was the final gala dinner which was held within the walls of the London Museum of Science, this was not only very unusual, atmospheric but also, of course, very interesting for people directly involved with technology.