The 20th anniversary conference of European Association EPTDA was held in Rome at the end of September. As a year before, Beltimport was the only one Ukrainian member taking part in this respectable forum, which gathered more than 200 companies from 34 countries. It is thought by majority of experts, that annual EPTDA conference is a leading B2B-event for decision makers in the field of power transmission and motion control in Europe, Africa and Middle East. Such platform proposes an outstanding time and economic chance to develop business cooperation and upgrade knowledge.

  What is the meaning for Beltimport to be a member of EPTDA and participate in the conference? It is hard to overestimate experience and possibilities when you are in the heart of the eternal city of Rome among 500 most successful people in your or related business segment. Holding twenty negotiations, visiting workshops organized by the most skilled analytics, sharing experience and discussing further cooperation as well as revealing problems and finding  solutions during informal communication are an inevitable results of the conference. Everything mentioned above opens new horizons for Beltimport and gives a possibility to forecast further tendencies and identify company’s position on a global scale.