Beltimport sponsored the first GrainTech 2021 workshop, which took place in Kyiv on May 12-13. The event was attended by specialists from leading companies in the grain elevator market and industry experts. Those were 2 days of intense discussions, exchange of experience, networking, and deep immersion in the elevator business. The conference turned out to be so practical that there were not only lively discussions of the participants' real cases but also live experiments and tests were carried out. For example, the strength of the American elevator buckets of the Tapco brand, which Beltimport officially represents in Ukraine, was tested right in the conference hall with manpower and Cossack courage of the conference participants smile.

  We sincerely thank the organizers of FPR Events and all the participants of GrainTech 2021 for the fruitful collaboration, deep professional atmosphere, open communication and really useful and meaningful networking!

  We wish everyone a successful season, safe, sustainable and uninterrupted operation of the grain elevators!