PVC150 OFR CXF-NA ROYAL BLUE FDA FDA (art.908146) - this solution was developed for for using in agriculture, for example when harvesting fruits and vegetables, as well as for primary agricultural processing of very oily and fatty products (such as nuts).

  The PVC cover is highly resistant to oil and grease, has a smooth texture, but at the same time has good adhesion to the product and excellent abrasion resistance. The coating thickness is 1 mm. This belt works in temperature range of -18 to +82 °C, which allows it to be unified and cover many processes in these temperatures. The pulley side of the belt is a homogeneous PVC that allows the traction layer to be protected, which means it is more reliable and durable. This solution was developed under the conditions of operation under UV radiation of undemanding maintenance, and with a thickness of 4.06 mm and work with a minimum roller diameter of only dmin 40 mm - it becomes a truly unique and universal solution.