Dear partners, customers, friends!
Beltimport LLC, together with the whole country, is doing everything today to bring our victory over the insidious enemy closer, helping to defend our Ukraine from the Russian occupants.
Currently, all the company's servers have been relocated to safe parts of the country and are already working again.
And meanwhile, some of our colleagues with weapons in their hands defend us under the Armed Forces of Ukraine or detachments of territorial defense, a lot of our colleagues moved away to more safe places and regions.
We are currently doing our best not only to involve our foreign partners in providing humanitarian aid and financial aid to Ukraine but also having discussions of how to find a possibility to fulfill a supply chain of the components to the factories of critical infrastructure. No matter having terrible difficulties with logistics we are trying to find unextraordinary solutions.
Of course, we have to highlight officially that the Decree of the President of Ukraine N64/2022 dd. 24.02 "On the imposition of martial law in Ukraine" makes it impossible to fully fulfill the conditions under the concluded Agreements, so these events by their legal nature are force majeure.
But Beltimport LLC will try to do its best to minimize the influence on our partners.
At present, we are unable to determine how long the hostilities will last, and therefore we cannot predict exactly when these force majeure circumstances will end.

However, we work, albeit in limited conditions.
For more information,
call +380674436880 (for partners from Ukraine)
+380631867623 (for foreign partners)

Glory to Ukraine!