Despite the challenging situation in our country because of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, Beltimport LLC continues its operation to contribute to the national production and economy. Our warehouse staff arranges shipments of the goods from stock regularly, and we are constantly working on improving our capabilities to meet the customers’ demands for those items that should be made-to-order from our foreign partners. The good news is that many of these partners have shown their flexibility and understanding thanks to our long-term cooperation and a high level of trust. As a result, we now have the opportunity to deliver many types of goods to Ukraine in wartime from the goods we used to deliver in peacetime. In addition to that, due to the effective cooperation between Beltimport LLC, the National Bank of Ukraine, and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the preliminary list of critical import goods provided by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 153 of February 24, 2022, On the List of Critical Import Goods has been significantly expanded including almost all the tariff codes of the products we supplied to our customers earlier.

Beltimport LLC has also resumed its production and will continue supporting our customers as usual, even with more perseverance. We are confident that each of us can make a difference in our victory! And it is vital.


We work for the welfare of our country and bring our victory closer together!


Slava Ukraini!

Glory to Ukraine!