In August 2021, Beltimport company celebrated its 25th anniversary!!! We have come a long and winding way with its ups and downs. So many peaks have been conquered, but the new heights are still ahead. And we are ready to meet them with pleasure, excitement, and great passion. The company employees have ALWAYS been and will remain its jewel in the crown: young talents and skilled professionals, creative and hardworking, daring and engaging, ambitious and joyful people!

  To celebrate our anniversary, we have decided to bring a good mood to each other by recording this video! No matter how good we sing, the only thing that matters is that we are a team, and we know our mission in this world.

  Thank you if you are with us!

  Happy anniversary, My Beltimport, Your Beltimport, Our Beltimport!


  Enjoy watching! Video