Where can you check the reliability of the gearbox better then at a metallurgical plant? And we succeeded once again, thanks to the implementation of a difficult project together with the largest Ukrainian equipment manufacturer. We delivered a large batch of Bonfiglioli helical bevel and bevel gear-motors equipped with encoders, thermistors and forced cooling fans for the section of controlled cooling of rolled products at a metallurgical plant. Gearboxes are used as a drive of roller tables for transportation of hot rolled products at a speed of 1.5 ... 3 m/s. During operation, the customer was satisfied with both the quality of the Bonfiglioli gear- motors and the complete kit according to the assigned tasks. The customer was particularly pleased with the fact that for reliable and long-term operation of Bonfiglioli gear-motors, only a synthetic oil changes every three years is required.

  Our team designs and builds integrated solutions based on Bonfiglioli geared motors for the harshest operating conditions.