The new Transilon E 8/2 TX0/U5 S/GSTR black belt (art. no. 907225) was developed for treadmills and stands apart for its virtually noise-free operation. The 907225 has a “silent” fabric with a new pattern, which cuts the noise produced between the treadmill belt and the slider bed significantly. Compared with the previous fabric design with a 25-mm pitch, the new fabric has a 50-mm pitch. Furthermore, the underside fabric comes with a Texglide finish, meaning very little power consumption, even during heavy-duty use. The top face consists of durable polyurethane to guarantee long service lives. The special, non-reflective GSTR surface pattern feels very pleasant to runners, even when the treadmill is used for a long period of time and at high speeds.

  An American OEM tested the new E 8/2 TX0/U5 S/GSTR black belt successfully and will use it on high-end equipment in future.