When needed to transmit torque between two shafts with a relatively large distance between them, Rexnord Thomas XTSRLS-C couplings will be a perfect technical solution. The main design feature of this couplings series is a spacer made of composite material, which significantly reduces the weight of the coupling and simplifies installation, maintenance and operation. Less weight compared to couplings with steel spacers allows for reducing the radial loads on the connected shafts (units) and achieving higher rotation speeds in horizontal and vertical positions. To ensure a low load level when transmitting torque, the coupling design provides for mounting the spacer through reliable adhesive joints with the epoxy resin used in the aviation and space industry.

  Rexnord Thomas XTSRLS-C series couplings are available in 10 standard sizes. The largest size provides torque transmission of up to 47 000 N·m at a distance of 7239 mm. Due to design benefits, this series of couplings are widely-used in vertical pumps, industrial fans, centrifugal compressors, and paper machines.