Regal Rexnord consistently develops innovative modular conveyor chains and components to meet the increasing performance demands of high-speed and massflow conveyors in the beverage and food industries. The optimized design of the new Rexnord FlushTop Series 1104 conveyor chain ensures high speed on critical conveyor lines. Primarily designed for transporting cans, the chain also offers several advantages when working with other types of packaging, providing stability for PET bottles and preventing surface damage to glass bottles. Test results have exceeded all expectations in terms of abrasion and product stability.

The 1104 FlushTop chain is interchangeable with Rexnord 1000 and System Plast 2250 FlatTop and FlushGrid chains. It combines the smooth surface of FlatTop with the cleanability of FlushGrid.

Key Benefits:

  • Run Dry Capability
  • Superior Flatness
  • Inventory Reduction through interchangeability with other series
  • Easy installation

All of these advantages contribute to the reliability of your production line, leading to cost savings through simplified maintenance and inventory management. Rexnord is implementing this product as their new standard for multi-lane filling line sections.