Forbo Movement Systems continues to expand the range of modular belts and this time developed a strong and reliable Prolink 18 Series belt for curved and spiral conveyors.

Belt characteristics are:

  1. The strongest curved belt on any manufacturer with 25,4 mm pitch.
  2. Inner curved radius is 2.2 * W (where W is the width of the belt).
  3. 44% open area for excellent air circulation and drainage.
  4. 25.4 mm pitch allows to convey small products.
  5. Allowable belt tension up to 1600N ensures high productivity and reliable operation of the conveyor.
  6. Easy to clean and wash, suitable for direct food contact.
  7. Superior lateral stiffness.

ProLink Series 18 modular belts can be produced with the following materials:

  • POM-CR - incision-resistant acetal in white and blue colors;
  • PP - white and blue polypropylene;

and the materials of the rods are:

  • PLX - poloxamer, wear-resistant polymer, slightly hygroscopic, resistant to acids and alkalis;
  • PP - polypropylene, resistant to abrasion and high temperature, have a good chemical resistance.

ProLink Series 18 modular belts are already widely used in the food industry.