At the beginning of 2019, Forbo Movement Systems introduced its new product, the Prolink S15-47 modular belt, which has a small pitch (12.7 mm or 0.5 inch) and an open area of 47%. The design is specifically developed for applications that require a combination of smoothness, unobstructed airflow past the product and the minimum amount of condensate formed.

  These requirements are particularly relevant for the processes of cooling or drying in the food industry:

  • Cooling tunnels in the bakery industry.
  • Transportation of flatbread and dough pieces.
  • Drying conveyors for meat and vegetables.

  Prolink S15-47 GRT/RSA belts have a contact area between the transported product and a modular belt of up to 20%. This reduces the amount of condensate produced during cooling or drying of the product, which increases its quality and shelf life. The belt has exceptional strength characteristics and can successfully replace expensive Intralox 1500 series and Habasit M1185 belts. At the same time a significant disadvantage is eliminated - connecting rods are securely closed by the edge modules, which prevents their untimely failure. Also, unlike the mentioned analogs, the cell size is specially made the way to prevent from getting fingers inside and getting injured. Possible materials for manufacturing: polypropylene, polyamide, white and blue polyacetal.

  Beltimport is ready to supply you with belts from new series in a short time in order to make the processing / conveying of your product more efficient.