Flat and curved guides, profiles, chain and belt tensioners from the German company Murtfeldt have long been widely used in the food, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries, and their "green" "S"® material, invented in the 50s, still stands out for its high wear resistance, excellent antifriction properties, and long service life. Murtfeldt continues its research and development of new materials and additives in their laboratories, which has allowed the creation of unique products for glass, paperboard, and cement industries.

  Due to years of experience, Murfeldt offers its clients an opportunity for custom-made orders along with standard products. Given this Murfeldt has created a subsidiary company called Murtfeldt Additive Solutions GmbH, which focuses on industrial 3D printing. The production of plastic products is performed by selective laser sintering (SLS) or by fused layer manufacturing (FLM) adapted to the 3D elements post-processing. Except for usual operations on machine tools, sandblast and printing equipment, post-processing may also include painting, flocking, rubberizing, grinding, varnishing, application of antistatic agents, filtration, chemical and thermal grinding, etc.

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