One more Prolink belt with rubber top and pitch 25,4 mm/1" in Forbo product portfolio is designed for work in food industry. Any modular belt with friction top is difficult to clean. The manufacturer tried to eliminate the weak point by making the rubber pads of  smooth rectangular shape. 

  The modular belt S10-0 FRT1 with a special focus on hygienic requirements is ideal for use in conveying of food products, e.g. bread and bun bakeries, dough processing, incline/decline,  packaging applications.

  The advantages:
• FRT rubber pads (beige, blue and black) complies with FDA and EC requirements.
• A special production process ensures a very good bond between FRT and plastic module.
• Innovative, hygienic friction top surface which is smooth and easy to clean when compared to Series 8-0 FRT1.
• Molded with and without 38 mm/1.5” indent, with full width rubber top.
• Belt and friction top color combinations: White with beige FRT, light blue with black FRT and light blue with blue FRT.

  The modular belt may successfully be an alternative to such modular belts as

  • Intralox Series 900 1.07" pitch with
  • Habasit M2520 GripTop 1"
  • UNI S-MPB Rubber Top

  Please use the link for technical description.