Optibelt ALPHA linear and ALPHA V timing belts in blue color are made of polyurethane with FDA approval for direct food contact. The timing belt has a hardness of 85 Shore A and is optionally equipped with aramid or stainless steel cords. Belts with T5 and T10 profiles with aramid cord are available from stock. Other profiles are available on request.

  Optibelt polyurethane belts with FDA approval have the following advantages:

  • Ideal for direct contact with food.
  • Intended for packed and unpacked products conveying.
  • Suitable for solid and wet products conveying.
  • Can be welded according to tooth pitch (starting from 400 mm length).

  Belts can also be produced with special coatings, machined, with pushers of various configurations.

  ALPHA linear and ALPHA V polyurethane timing belts are successfully used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.