“Beltimport” company would like to congratulate our competitor – Private Enterprise “TH GalPidshypnyk” with 20 year anniversary!
Our company attaches significant importance to correct and fair competition. As far as to this extent there are different companies around us – weak and powerful, neat and not really. We do realize that without estimable competitors there would be no such intensive development either of “Beltimport” or of other market leaders. We always look at each other; adopt the best from each other and looking over our shoulder. Competing in each area in honest struggle, we improve our professionalism and have possibility to see more clearly those of our strong sides, which are still unachievable to competitors. In this context we are glad that already over a number of years by “TH GalPidshypnyk” we have estimable opponents and we wish you development and staying in the business for many years! In spite of the fact that quite often we work with you in different quality and price market segments, we do appreciate that you do not try, as lot of others do, discredit with customers or sell products from Chinese Peoples Republic under the guise of famous brands. Congratulations with jubilee!
And today, looking at you through telescopic sight, we will shoot into air...20 times! In your honor!