We are now living in times when every responsible business should do everything, they can to help those who defend our country on the frontlines, risking their lives every day.

  Beltimport helps not only its mobilized colleagues, but also to many other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And today we received the flag of the glorious 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade, which once destroyed the enemy in the Vugleghirsk direction and near Orikhov, and has been heroically defending Avdiivka for the past six months. We received it as a token of gratitude, although in fact, we should be the ones who thank. To hold this flag with the autographs of the boys and girls of the 47th brigade is incredibly moving and it is an honor and a great privilege for us. Now they are all "ours"! And we have to care and protect them while they protect us. Does anyone tired of the war? We would then suggest to look into the eyes of those who, in the rain and frost, despite mud and daily risks, choose to protect our freedom. It's a pity, but unfortunately, we do not have the right to publish photos of those who are currently at "zero front line".

  We call on businesses to continue their support because this is the only way we can win!