Beltimport company has been a supplier of Optibelt belts for a large number of different industries for more than 18 years now. The quality of Optibelt belts is appreciated by many companies worldwide. For instance, in the densely wooded expanses of southern Sweden Södra Cell Mönsterås produces paper pulp: 750,000 tonnes per year. This is the raw material for millions of newspaper, coffee filters, and milk cartons, etc. Every standstill in production costs the industry giant € 22,000 - and that's per hour! That's why Södra Cell relies on Optibelt quality products. Since 2012, 80% of all machines have been running with drive belts from Optibelt: non-stop, without a single interruption. As a result, Södra Cell has achieved huge savings and is now converting the remaining 20% of its production successively to Optibelt power transmission belts.

You should try it too and you will assess the benefits of using Optibelt belts on your equipment!