Our trip to Georgia was on winter holidays. The thing is that management of Beltimport Company decided to award the best employees and their families with a possibility to meet with this beautiful country! Gorgeous landscapes, extraordinary people, original architecture have been waiting for us. Moreover, what exactly is Georgian cuisine with a unique culture of winemaking and wine drinking! In addition, what a feast without Georgian toasts, without incendiary national dances and without the Georgian men voices? While at our Motherland were reigned with frosts with blizzards, gentle winter sun was the best our friend while traveling to Tbilisi, Mtskheta, and Kakheti. We had visited Georgian Shrines, tasted the best wines in the Alazani Valley, enjoy the secluded corners of beautiful Tbilisi. Nevertheless, the main treasure of Tbilisi are people, and we are very glad that we had meet with such open, kind and hospitable people.

 All our colleagues, without exception, fell in love with this country and are dreaming to return there once more, because we only touched it wealth a little.