Technical specialist from Schmalz company Juergen Schmid paid us a visit in order to conduct a technical workshop during 21-22 November.

  Schmalz is one of the world leading manufacturers of vacuum components and gripping systems for automation, vacuum lifters and crane systems for manual operation, as well as vacuum clamping systems for working with wood and metal.

  The employees of company sales departments of the company took a part on the workshop. During the meeting were discussed in detail:

  • features and advantages of Jumbo and VacuMaster handling systems
  • characteristics of complex crane systems
  • rules for selecting all components of a vacuum system
  • special aspects on the use of vacuum components for various types of products.

  Beltimport helps you confidently by task solutions related to the holding, lifting and moving of products by means of vacuum technology. We are heading to you with solutions for improving the efficiency of production processes.