At the beginning of November 2015, many sales managers from all “Beltimport” branches visited Germany, where successively participated in the trainings of our partners – companies Optibelt and Forbo. The visit was carried out as part of a program for continuous improvement of our employees professional skills and proficiency.

Both manufacturer trainings consisted of several stages. In the first place, our colleagues visited a number of each company plants, where could see the whole complex process of various goods production with their own eyes.  Due to having witnessed every operation, from the preparation of raw materials to a packaging of finished products, they gained knowledge on how the best in their segment products are made. Now our colleagues have clear understanding of the advantages background and peculiarities of a particular know-how. In addition, our employees have participated in a number of training courses on detailed analysis of the technical nuances of the various products applications in different industries, as well as got information about novelties in range. Our sales team did not hesitate to ask tough questions and we are pleased that we were able to get professional and detailed answers. In the meantime, very complicated questions were postponed to the evening when a delicious German beer helped to establish trusting human relationship with our German partners.

This time, those our colleagues visited Germany, who have not been on the plants before. Someone was able to puzzle out completely to oneself a particular product or application, someone discovered a previously unknown subtleties. Furthermore all colleagues emphasize that seen and heard has surpassed all expectations and definitely helped them to upgrade their expert level in a field of power transmission belts and conveyor belts. We are proud that many of our customers distinguish professionalism as one of the main strengths of Beltimport. And we have no doubt that this investment in our employees will become a constituent of an effective and smooth operation of our customers production facilities.