In accordance with the program of a continuous training and upgrading skills of personnel, staff from all the sales departments of our company attended Italian production factories of motors and gearboxes (MOTIVE Srl), as well as conveyor chains (Z.M.C. Italia Spa) in April 2016. Detailed sightseeing tours of the above-mentioned companies, as well as comprehensive technical seminars held on the range and characteristics of products, were organized for our colleagues.

The program included a general structure review of the MOTIVE company, inspection of a complete cycle of the production processes, a detailed examination of the technical characteristics of the product, discussion of commercial issues, as well as in order to test the acquired knowledge, personal involvement of Beltimport representatives in separate processes for assembling and configuring products (motors with NEO-WiFi inverter). Due to the knowledge received during this seminar, employees of the company will be able to carry out more qualified technical support and follow-up for their clients, as well as will be able to offer innovative, energy-efficient solutions. Some of the latest developments of Motive company, which were presented to the participants, still are not even officially introduced on the market. However, we are ready to share these innovations with our customers. 

A visit to the Z.M.C. plant allowed our staff to take a fresh look and evaluate the capacities and capabilities of the company with 50 years of experience in the chain production. The company produces an extensive range of conveyor chains for a variety of industries: food and woodworking, cement, automotive, mining and metallurgy, engineering and paper-making, as well as several others. By our own eyes, we have seen that not only Z.M.C. chains are produced at two factories in Italy but also raw materials for them have exclusively a European origin. When telling our clients about the benefits and competitive advantages of the Z.M.C. chains, Beltimport can say with confidence: "We have tested it in person!"

And of course, a visit to the city of Milan itself was impressive. Milan Cathedral, one of the greatest architectural creations of the mankind, has left indelible and bright emotions in the memory of all participants. Despite the fact that 90% of the delegation were men, they could not resist traditional shopping in Milan.

Beltimport company gladly invests in staff expertise and strongly believes that it will strengthen the partnership with our customers for their effective and smooth work.