As part of a continuing program aiming the improvement of employees’ knowledge, last week “Beltimport” sales managers visited in Italy our partner - «Motive» - a manufacturer of motors and gearboxes. A special training seminar on products was held for our colleagues. Our partners made emphasis on peculiarities of new products, showed all the stages of production. We received answers to technical questions in which we were interested in and moreover we were able to understand better some of the nuances and benefits of Motive products.

What memories are outstanding? According to feedback from colleagues – they are the following:

  • Multi-level quality control of each unit after assembly (no exceptions!) and possibility to download protocols of these tests from the web;
  • A new revolutionary product from Motive - NEO-WiFi - is just a “sensation”! Come to our office - we will show you how it works. No doubts, you will be impressed. We promise 10% discount  to the first ten buyers of these wireless motor-inverters (they are already available at warehouse from 1st of March). Have no chance to come? Well, then, “we will go to you!” 
  • ... and for sure we were delighted with the fantastic hospitality of our partners. We lived in the18th century palace, tasted masterpieces of Italian cuisine together with the owners and directors of Motive and also had the opportunity to admire the beauty of Lombardy and Milan after training.

Despite the fact that Motive, by European standards considered to be a young company, we appreciate their dynamic development, innovation and a desire to improve in details! We saw that Motive employees do love their work and clearly we should sail in the same boat!