During the visit of the representative of Volta Belting Technology (Israel) a technical seminar was held with the participation of employees of our company. Volta brand is widely known to engineers in food, paper, woodworking, cable and a number of other industries. The advantages, characteristics and applications of homogeneous belts made of thermoplastic elastomers, belts with Kevlar cord, V-belts, round and belts with special profiles, as well as exclusive developments have been discussed during the workshop.

  Special attention was paid to the belts with a rigid drive due to solid teeth:

  • SuperDrive – excludes slippage, excessive tension and belt’s run-off
  • DualDrive – for fast and easy replacement of modular belts with 2-inch pitch without the need to change sprockets.

Both belt types have extremely smooth surface, resistant to cuts and abrasion, which in turn prevents the emergence of bacteria and microbes and also provides easy cleaning of the belt.

  We once again found confirmation of high operational durability and reliability of Volta belts and with pleasure we will present these products to you when we meet.