Transmission shafts up to 6 meters long without an intermediate bearing are often used in machine tools, packaging and printing machines, conveyor and crane systems, production and painting lines. In cases where the transmission of torque is at high speed, for example in screw jacks, it is recommended to install an intermediate bearing to prevent oscillation. For all of these cases, there is a new solution from R + W (Germany) – a transmission shaft for vibration damping with a rigid hub on one side (EZ2 S). This design reduces the time for assembly and disassembly, while still delivering torque transmission from 12.5 to 1350 Nm as a standard. The required components such as intermediate bearings (ZL) and intermediate shafts (ZW) are available in a wide range. The intermediate bearings are available in sizes 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50, and the suitable intermediate shafts are available in 3 designs: without keyway, with one keyway or with two keyways. This solution eliminates vibrations and significantly simplifies the equipment assembly.