By introducing new high performance timing belt Delta Chain Carbon, Optibelt has set a new standard in the market. The product was nominated for the main award at German Design Award 2016. The power transmission is doubled in comparison with high-performance rubber timing belts even in extreme use and with high loads. Due to carbon cord, these belts became an ideal alternative to drives with roller chains.

The key advantages are:

  • high heat resistance (from -30 ° C to + 80 ° C) thanks to the use of cast polyurethane,
  • unrivalled impact strength due to a combination of hard polyurethane  and hard-wearing carbon fibers,
  • optimized tooth shape for smooth tooth meshing and uniform distribution of force across all the tooth profiles,
  • a high level of reliability in the event of adverse effects resulting from of oil, chemicals or ozone.

All the advantages of the new belt are clearly displayed in the presentation.

The use of Delta Chain Carbon belts in the wood working, paper and textile industries will help to avoid costly downtime and "bottlenecks" in the technological process. Take a look and appraise an innovative product visiting Beltimport office or invite our specialist to your production site. Discover the OPTIBELT DELTA CHAIN Carbon, down to the last detail.