In a new video, we will show how Beltimport assembles Bonfiglioli gearboxes in 24 hours since the order was placed. You will see the complete technological process of the licensed assembly of the Bonfiglioli helical bevel gearbox, meaning starting from the selection of components to the marking of the finished product. Beltimport being in the status of BEST Bonfiglioli distributor, has been assembling gearboxes since 2019 on the territory of its own assembly center in Kyiv on special Italian equipment using only original Bonfiglioli Riduttori components, as well as seals and bearings from the world's best manufacturers. The assembly quality of Bonfiglioli gearboxes is monitored by an automated system and the gearboxes are filled with certified synthetic oil using precision automatic refueling equipment.

  The video is already on our youtube channel. Enjoy watching!

  Ready gearbox in 24 hours!