From 23.11 up to 26.11 Beltimport participated in the IXth International Industrial Forum that took place in Kiev. Instead of delivering standard phrases concerning our stand popularity and the quantity of clients we are presently working with and potential customers who visited us, we will better share some of our impressions:
- Within the first day, it seemed that exhibition organizers are on the edge of fiasco. But, apparently, the rain was the reason of poor attendance, as far as the second and third days were even very eventful.
- Nearly half of the competitors who perform either this or that product refused to participate in the Industry Forum this year. It appears that in time of crisis during 2008-2009 years, many companies have not passed the exam on the strength and stability. Well, in business, as in the wild nature, the strongest wins. From our point of view, this very exhibition will help many to sort the wheat from the chaff.
- We were unpleasantly surprised by abundance of pseudobrand products which uninitiated consumer can take as qualitative. But we know precisely who produces such goods and where they are manufactured... And the worst is even not the fact of deception but the significance in quality difference. As the result, you will pay for the name and receive the Asian “analogue” in bright packaging. Well, partly, the consumers are also guilty – race for dominant low prices has caused such an inconsistent game. From our side, we can promise that we will never dodge the questions – where the concrete product which Beltimport perform was manufactured. And moreover, you can be absolutely sure that the answer will be honest.
We are grateful to everyone who had visited our stand and in the overwhelming majority cases we were sincerely glad to see you! We hope that you appreciated some of the new generations of already known products and new represented directions.

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