Corporate celebration of the New Year. Probably, in many successful companies there is such a day in the calendar. However, for Beltimport it is always a special holiday. When at the same time and in one place meet employees of all branches and divisions. When prizes from the company are played, valuable – among all employees and very valuable among those who in the outgoing year were the top ten most effective. On this day we can complement each other in person, express gratitude, discuss the outgoing year and build plans for the future.

  This time our event was led by Two Captains - the General Director of Beltimport Alexey Besedin and the winner of Ukrainian show of humor - the League of Laughter - Andrey Kolmachevsky. In addition to stand-up miniatures and sparkling jokes, passionate dances from the stars of the show "Dance All" and "Dancing with the Stars" - Sergey Zmiok and Ilona Gvozdyova will be well remembered. And their master class for us opened up all previously hidden inner talents. One of the colleagues once said: "Many people can make an expensive event, but a sincere one can do only a very few!" And we are glad that this evening, as always, we spent "sincerely". We were one team, one family. Alla Pochtova, Head of Purchasing and Foreign Economic Activity department, won the main prize - a trip with her family to Thailand. Consolation prizes - iPhone 8 and Go Pro camera went to the head of the warehouse Andrey Kutsenko and the head of IT department Maxim Dmitrenko. Found their owners also many other gifts - from quadcopters to annual subscription to the sports complex.

  We are grateful to the outgoing 2017 - it was successful for us. We thank each other - every employee of Beltimport team for his/her contribution to our development. We are ready for new challenges in 2018 and we have surprises for the world that we try to change for the better.