Dear friends!

  Until recently, imagining the future, we could not even imagine with you how quickly we would be in it. Now we have conferences in Teams, then coffee with colleagues in Zoom, our children study online next to us, and in the evening we are meeting the whole family in famous museums around the world. Beltimport even held corporate parties in this format.

  But in the whirlpool of irrestrainable progress, we must leave some things unaffected:  joy of friendly conversation, handshakes, sincere hugs, kisses...

  On behalf of the entire Beltimport company, I sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming Holidays! We wish in the New Year, both in virtual space and beyond, to have everything for giving your near and dear ones your attention, love, feelings, sincerity, to enjoy together a new stage of such a stunning and exciting adventure under the simple name "Life".

  Thank you for being with us! Happy New Year!