Rexnord's 7005 MatTop Modular Belts have a proven design performance that is ideal for the abrasive environment of the industries using glass container. Belts in 1" increments are standard widths for beverage equipment (6" to 240 "), have a strong pin retention system for easy maintenance, and are designed with a reliable sprocket-to-belt engagement design. With materials specially designed by Rexnord for handling glass containers, GLA - for standard applications and BWX - for harsher glass shard environments, the Rexnord 7005 MatTop modular belt provides unmatched wear and abrasion resistance.

  The new type will fully replace the earlier Rexnord type 7705 MatTop series. The use of Rexnord 7005 MatTop belts on the lines using glass container  in combination with the Positrack direction option and the 1005 series free flow design will allow for even easier cleaning and removal of glass particles.

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