For the equipment operation in extreme temperature conditions (from -40°C to + 140°C), the Optibelt company has developed specially designed belts made of EPDM rubber. These belts have already been used in equipment operated in refrigerated storage facilities, in railway door drives, in the petrochemical industry in extremely cold zones and in a number of other environments where increased requirements for heat resistance are put forward.

  OMEGA HP EPDM Optibelt timing belts have the following advantages:

  • Heat resistance from - 40°C to + 140°C
  • Good flexibility even after long periods of inactivity at -40°C
  • Low power consumption for setting in motion
  • Meets ISO 9563 antistatic requirements
  • Resistant to ozone and UV radiation
  • Suitable for HTD and RPP pulleys

  We will select the optimal belts for your needs and even for harsh operating conditions!