The glass industry is constantly searching for solutions to improve the technological processes in production. One of the key components in glassware manufacturing is high-quality toothed chains. These chains with inverted teeth are used for transporting glass industry products on conveyor lines, where high strength and resistance to high temperatures are required. The design of silent toothed conveyor chains involves connecting special toothed plates, which ensure a reliable engagement with toothed wheels and pinions. This combination of chain and toothed engagement allows for the transmission of torque from one axis to another with high precision.

Chain elements are made from materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel. Depending on the material, manufacturers have the technical capability to further enhance the hardness of specific parts through the process of hardening to a level of 45-50 HRC.

Main advantages of toothed chains:

  • Low noise and vibration levels during operation. The profiles of the chain teeth and toothed wheels are designed to ensure precise and smooth engagement.
  • Manufacturing precision. High precision in producing toothed chain elements leads to even load distribution and reduced deviations, which also lowers the noise level during operation.
  • High strength. The construction features and technological characteristics (material and hardening of the elements) increase the strength of the chain.
  • High chemical and thermal resistance. Chains are made from special steel capable of withstanding high temperatures without deformation during operation.