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Polymer belts. Focus on hygiene!

Yulia Taranenko

Belts with PVC, PU and silicone coating are based on synthetic fabric cords. However, fabric reinforcing layers of polymer belts have weak points in terms of hygiene. It is important that there is no damage to the coating of belts, which is a source of bacterial growth.

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Modular belts. Focus on hygiene!

Yulia Taranenko

Constantly growing requirements for food safety and its shelf life force food equipment manufacturers to continually search for new technical solutions. Modern equipment should not only perfectly ensure the production of products, but also must comply with the hygienic standards of enterprises.

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Worm gearboxes – reliable or not?

Oleksandr Nechyporenko

Worm gearboxes are probably the most common type of gearboxes in industrial segment. And while some operators of worm gearboxes use them and only them, considering this type of gearboxes as a cost-effective solution to their tasks, others consider them unreliable and try to avoid them in every way.

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