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GURTEC is an expert conveyor components that serves clients worldwide. The company was founded in 1969 and speedily became a leading roller manufacturer in Europe. In the 1980s, the Gurtec team revolutionized conveyor operations by developing plastic coatings for steel rollers and frames, rewriting manufacturing rules and industrial quality standards. This expertise and passion have persisted to this day. The company continued to grow, joining forces with new partners. In 1990, GURTEC merged with the Finnish group ROXON, specializing in the production of products, system solutions, and services for bulk material handling. In 2017, Gurtec became part of the global NEPEAN

Gurtec is a globally recognized brand, and all rollers are manufactured in Germany by highly skilled professionals with extensive experience. The company continuously progresses in line with the latest technological advancements, sustainable development standards, and globalization requirements.

Gurtec's product range includes rollers, frames, drums, belt cleaners, safety and control devices, and can be tailored to specific material transportation needs in industries such as mining, processing, transportation, and others.

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