In early November, Beltimport was visited by Andrea Lottini, one of the leading engineers of Bonfiglioli gear manufacturer. Mr. Lottini is famous for the fact that for 20 years he has been organizing and optimizing production processes at all Bonfigloli's factories. This person can be called the embodiment of Bonfiglioli's production experience, because he thoroughly owns manufacturing technologies from worm to planetary gear types. Since we initially decided to do everything in a correct way, we convinced Andrea to find a few days in his super tight schedule for visiting our new assembly center and provide practical training for our specialists.

  During the visit of Andrea Lottini, under his close attention and control, our experts assembled several gear motors of different types and sizes. Much attention was paid, it would seem, to small things and subtleties, which not everyone knows, but which can significantly extend the life of the gearboxes.

  Also, it should be noted, the love of our Italian friends to their product and fanatical devotion to quality, because several times our colleague asked us to handle the gearbox “carefully, like a child”. It is worth noting that all present workers were inspired by his passion, and drew a piece of engineering philosophy from fellow countryman Leonardo da Vinci.

  As a result, Andrea was pleased with what he saw, we took his advice, which will allow us to become even faster, better and more efficient. And all this - to achieve even better results for our customers!