A new height was achieved in our company’s life and development. “Beltimport” has officially got new status - BEST  distributor of Bonfiglioli !!!

  This event took place in Vietnam during the meeting of Bonfiglioli management and all BEST world’s distributors. BEST (Bonfiglioli Excellence Service Team) – is a high trust sign from the side of the most powerful Italian manufacturer of gear-motors, it is a result of the hard teamwork, experience of  Beltimport specialists and also our profound knowledge of the manufacturing issues in majority of  industries and agriculture. What would be the point for our customers? You’ll get to know about it very soon!smile We do hardly work over this. We shall do everything at the proper time. Quite a bit remains to be done!smile

  And in Vietnam, where we were shown all the possibilities of the new modern Bonfiglioli factory, it was hot, unusual and funny!smile What was the most surprising for us? Perhaps a myriad of scooters in the city of Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) and the quest from Bonfiglioli in which all the teams competed in performing various tasks throughout the city including the sale of popcorn in  Saigon central market. Our team (Ukraine – Poland – Czech Republic – Italy – Sweden) could not win the main prize however we’ve got something better –  the emotions of Vietnamese pupils at a charity dinner where they were handed over assembled by us bicycles.

  In the production of gear-motors and engines,  Bonfiglioli distributor network is the most powerful, professional and extensive network in the world, without exaggeration. If there is a BEST-distributor in your country, you are in power to rely on a completely different level and efficiency of service. And of course, there were pleasant words from the company’s president – Sonia Bonfiglioli, about the role of everyone who gathered in the meeting.