«They turned on the left... And there, ahead, he saw covering all before the eyes, covering all the world, enormous, high into the air, impossible white under the sun, square top of Kilimanjaro. And then he understood, it is that place where he is striving for»

Ernest Hemingway, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro"

On January the 8th the flag of company "Beltimport" has been lifted above the highest top of Africa – Kilimanjaro. After a four-day climb and one exhausting night storm of top in a group of Ukrainian-Russian amateurs’ expedition the head of company "Beltimport" Alexey Besedin reached a height of 5681 meters (Gilman’s point).

How much has been done
for this moment of happiness

Crater Kilimanjaro located in Tanzania is the highest alone standing mountain in the world and as per one of the versions its name is translated as «the House of God». And it is, perhaps, a unique place where on equator you can see a snow. To tell the truth well known from Hemingway’s book «snows of Kilimanjaro» will according to scientists completely disappear in 15-20 years in connection with global change of a climate.

Snows of Kilimanjaro

We consider the flag of "Beltimport" on "a roof of the world" to be symbolical. We have extended our borders and, as well as in business, we are always the first on the way to lift our goals on new height. Actually we don’t relax, in fact we have only won the new top. And there are still many others which we have before us.